The value of Google Display Ads

Value of Google Ads

There is a famous African proverb which says, “If you want to go fast, go alone… if you want to go far, go together.” That is why using Google Display ads as your ally in running your ads is crucial for your business to reach millions of customers across different apps and websites.

When you are running a business in this era the fastest way to lose your potential and existing customers to your competitors is to play the solo game in the online world ignoring all the available advertising tools available. Gone are the days when businesses had to go door to door with flyers to lure customers into buying and using their products or services, that’s why using Google Display ads as your trusted ally in running your business to reach millions of potential and existing customers across different apps and websites is the most rewarding and smart thing any business owner can do for their business.

Google display ads help your business to deliver relevant advertising as people browse the web connecting your business to future and existing customers. Google Display ads drive results daily for thousands of advertisers across the globe.

Google Display Ads’ value in running an online business:-

  1. Powerful Intent Signals 

Nothing is as frustrating as constantly spending money, time and energy on an ad that will end up landing on the wrong audience. This can lead to loss of money spent on ads, ranking poorly on search engine results and in worst case scenarios, kill loyalty of potential customers. That is why Google’s intent signals and machine learning capabilities enable greater relevance to achieve desired outcome at scale by analyzing user activity across its owned and operated properties using its best in class automation, bidding and targeting to generate a clear understanding of user preference and reaching them at the right time.

2. Massive Scale

It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a great product or service and a huge amount of creativity to come up with a successful marketing campaign. In the past businesses resorted to traditional advertising trends which ended up taking forever to reach the right audience covering a small geographical area. However the good news is that as a 21st century business owner you do not have to go through all the hurdles that came with advertising the traditional way in the past since Google runs your ads and connects with your audience through various platforms such as Gmail, YouTube and millions of other websites.

3. Measurable performance

Once your ads for your business are up and running it is crucial to know how well they are doing by measuring performance so that you know key areas to work on if the results are not working out the way you expected.

4. Easy campaign setup

Most business owners know their business objectives but the most challenging part for most of them is to come up with the relevant features and options relevant to what they want their advertising campaign to achieve. This is where Google display ads come into play as they help to bring features and options relevant to what your business wants to achieve.

Expanding your online business has never been easier especially with the available tools such as Google Display Ads which can help your business go further by reaching millions of potential and existing customers across the web giving it a competitive edge over its competitors

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