About us

About us

This is how we started

We began with the intention of finding the sweetest spot between brands and people through the use of latest digital marketing strategies. 

We have gone through the process of diving into the digital ocean with competitive and merciless sharks and we have seen brands drown due to lack of diving experience and fail to make it to the digital shore. We know they had amazing stories to tell  their audience if only they had asked AwStart for assistance.

After witnessing the pain of an untold story from some of the most promising brands, we decided to put an end to this vicious cycle and give brands an “Awesome Start” when entering  a new market. This will enable them to focus on other crucial areas in their business and not worry about achieving their digital marketing goals since AwStart will be taking care of that.

AwStart wants to give a powerful voice to brands as they enter a noisy digital space so that their story can be heard clearly by their target audience. AwStart wants to turn your untold story into prospective leads and high value consumers.



We established our company


We opened up our office in Japan


We are expanding our team


To connect brands with an audience that speaks the same language and to help them develop strong relationships through powerful storytelling.


To be a beacon of light for brands and  innovators in the digital marketing space.